Monday, 14 February 2011

Vicki VS INSA - Drippy Paint Boobs!

(Above picture and more pictures from INSA's exhibition taken from the Juxtapoz website)

Anyone who's into their graffiti (or shoes) will most probably have heard of London-based graffiti artist INSA. After a failed attempt earlier in the year I finally made it to his studio just before Christmas to lend him my boobs for this 3d masterpiece.

Below are a couple of behind the scenes pictures from the day - check out my seriously fake smile - that blue 'goo' was freeeezing (what you can't see is the life saving heater and a packet of Milky Ways just out of shot ;) )

The sculpture is currently on display as part of INSA's exhibition 'More' at FIFTY24SF gallery in San Francisco until the 28th February.

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